Experiential marketing isn’t just about giving out free samples. A unique experience can fuel word of mouth on and offline & change the perception of your brand.

Experiential Marketing

If there’s one way to make a loyal lifelong fan, it’s giving them a memorable experience they’ll talk about forever.

With an experiential campaign, you are empowered to inspire a real emotional response from your audience and win over new people who may not have noticed you before. You have the power to create more brand loyalty and build an audience that will feel so immersed in your experience, they’ll tell their friends and their friends’ mom! That’s unbeatable word of mouth, my friends.

My Loud Speaker believes in the power of being memorable. We focus on engaging your audience in dynamic and unique ways with our authentic approach to creating genuine memories. People may not always remember what they read, or what they’ve heard – but they will never forget a feeling (We took that from Maya Angelou, thanks girl!). Give them something to feel and watch as your loyal following follows suit.


Custom Package

We start from concepting to execution for experiential marketing campaigns. Our team always starts with research and vetting to ensure these experiential concepts are - not only cool - but viable, strategic and effective.

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