A video has the power to grab attention, speak your message and best of all - its share-worthy.

Motion Graphics & Promotional Video

Video has an incredible communication power because you can reach more types of learners within one deliverable.

When you are looking to invest in some dynamic new marketing – video should be the first thing that comes to mind. Right now, videos are on the rise to complete domination for organizations looking to make an impact with their audience. When you include it as part of your content marketing efforts, you too can get big time results in a way your audience will love. Video can improve your SEO with just the click of a play button. Get the attention your organization has been waiting for with a creative video strategy with My Loud Speaker.

Nowadays, a promotional video is arguably the best way to communicate your organization’s core values in a dynamic way – plus, it can catch on like wildfire! With so much talent in-house and motion graphic capabilities, we can create a video for your organization that is effective and promotional. Let us help you tell your story.



This is great for interviews. Subjects are filmed and titles to introduce and close the piece. Point and shoot with motion graphic titles.


Animated short. Great for explainer videos, how-to's or introducing complicated concepts. These videos help make your story interesting and for complex concepts digestible.


With our Gold Package, you can have it all. We can create videos that combine live action footage with dynamic custom motion graphics – that’s the perfect recipe for results. We’ll help your brand to send a valuable message, and it will be a veritable feast for the eyes.

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