AuTec Innovative Extractive Solutions Ltd. is a relatively new organization, which launched in early 2015. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Barrick Gold Corporation, AuTec’s aim is to find innovative solutions for the extractive industry. They focus on intrinsic challenges such as refractoriness, and arsenic content, as well as extrinsic challenges, for instance freshwater conservation and jurisdictional bans on cyanide. AuTec’s end-goal was to be the first choice for metallurgical test work to support characterization of ores, and their suitability to existing processes. They aimed to be a major partner in research and development initiatives which focus on making changes to refractory ore processing. AuTec provides support to Barrick operations and other companies that would benefit from their team’s skill-set. Their company was in need of a website that would centre on servicing their clients.


AuTec wanted to ensure their sub-brand aligned with that of Barrick Gold Corporation, while maintaining their own identity that would have the fortitude to stand-alone. We felt it was integral to breathe life into their brand while working with their existing logo, which they could proudly showcase across all their branded materials. We kept their materials and website at the forefront of our process, ensuring that every element was user-friendly, including an easy to update backend system, a user-friendly experience for their client base and integrated a customer feedback system. By providing AutTec with both a training session and a training manual, we ensured their team was equipped to create on-brand materials and maintain the site effectively.


We created a design that aligned with Barrick Gold Corporation’s, but in the process elevated the Barrick brand. My Loud Speaker developed a brand for AuTec which was both timeless and authentic, while all the while creating a site that was easy to use, which was of the utmost important to our client. We used a simple CRM and included a training manual for their staff to navigate so they could have consistency, as well as a sustainable experience that they would be able to maintain on their end.


Through a creative strategy, we were able to align the AuTec Brand with that of Barrick Gold Corporation. We established their own identity that carried enough fortitude to stand on its own. My Loud Speaker created brand consistency for AuTec through the creation of all their branded and promotional materials, as well as launched their user friendly and self-sustainable website.

"I enjoyed working with the team, and I am very pleased with the results of the marketing materials produced and the website design."
-Tracy McCourt, Manager,
AuTec Innovative Extractive Solutions Ltd.