Founded in 1978, DMCL is an accounting firm with offices in the Tri-Cities, Surrey, and Vancouver. With 19 partners, and over 130 professionals, their full-service accounting firm had become on of the largest independent mid-sized firms in the region. However, they were losing market share to their competition, suffering from a classic case of outdated website syndrome. A syndrome which, resulted in a website that was rarely able to generate any quality leads. Plus, DMCL no longer had current marketing materials that would do their professional services justice. With their website and marketing materials dominated by longform copy and industry jargon, they felt the need for an aesthetic and functional update. Thus, it was time to roll up our sleeves and put a strategy in place that was focused on the right messaging, was aimed at the perfect target, and overhaul their visual identity to present DMCL as a more modern and affluent brand.


Together with DMCL, we began with Strategic Marketing Plan sessions to uncover their unique value proposition that could set them apart from their competitors. Ultimately, the conversation always returned to their responsiveness. They felt their partners were agile and accessible to their clients, rather than waiting for dire financial advice, they could promise a response within hours. Their key message became, “Never wait for experienced advice again.” Something their target would appreciate and influence their buying decision. We chose a brand direction to help guide the remainder of the project, settling on Progressive, Modern, Smart.

Moving away from the typical lackluster accounting reputation and towards an exciting brand that is unique to the accounting industry, we focused our efforts on creating a real splash in the community. By developing highly unique and modern brand foundations, we were poised to re-release DMCL to the public.


Our approach involved spending a great deal of time in our strategic sessions with the client to clarify what truly made them a better option than their competitors. With the strategy focusing on their responsiveness, and their brand direction focused on being Progressive, Modern, and Smart, we began rebuilding their foundational tools which included their website and various promotional collateral. The strategy required us to restructure their website to place a larger emphasis on their partners, and draw the user to the accountants they would be partnering with. By creating unique contact forms for every partner, and highlighting the DMCL partners, we successfully conveyed DMCL’s valued personal relationships. For both the website and promotional collateral, we slimmed down the content greatly to what was most valuable to their ideal target. Rather than lengthy copy on services and industry jargon that can easily lose a reader, we utilized large, impressive imagery and converted content to catchy short-form copy and, at the end of it all, relayed it back to the key message and call-to-actions.


DMCL’s website was transformed from a standard templated website to a dynamic online brochure with concise messaging crafted for conversions. We were able to develop a more powerful and impactful brand that steered DMCL into the modern day, showcasing them as the responsive, progressive, modern, and smart professionals they are. This translated into beautifully designed proposal templates and a brochure that reinforced the newly strategized brand messaging and value propositions. For the website, the strategy to focus more on individual partners and develop eye-catching profile pages for each of them resulted in an average of over 7 leads and 9 newsletter subscriptions per month since launch – a marked improvement over their past website, which rarely generated them any leads. The website also achieved an average session duration of over 2 minutes, as well as a large percentage of new first-time visitors – 72% to be exact. In the end, we not only learned a thing or two about accounting, but were able to prove that numbers can be cool.

Leads per month, up from zero
Newsletter subscriptions per month
New first-time visitors