After over a decade of experience handling WCB Appeals at not only a boutique law firm but also for a couple of unions, Gail Sharma was ready to start something of her own. She knew she had the experience and skillset to help her clients, but, as with any new business, she had yet to build her client database. That’s when she enlisted our services with one simple goal in mind: help her generate leads so she can comfortably leave her current job and launch her new business successfully.


After diving into the type of brand Gail wanted to pursue (Professional, Trustworthy, etc.) as well as her value proposition and key message, we set out to create the landing page that would utilize conversion-proven methods to help accelerate the user’s buying process, whilst educating them on the brand value that Gail’s firm would provide. This highly focused landing page was paired with a plethora of PPC keyword strategies, as well as a resource-focused use of budgeting.


In the first three months since launching, we were able to generate an average of over 50 leads per month (!) for Gail – a truly unprecedented success rate for a brand new business. Additionally, we achieved this while utilizing less than 20% of the original projected PPC budget, which resulted in $4.90 as the cost-per-acquisition! In the end, within 4 months after launching, Gail was able to comfortably leave her job and successfully pursue her new business.

Per Conversion
Leads Per Month
Less than the originally projected budget