The Opticians Council of Canada (OCC) is an organization dedicated to ensuring Canadians get the best possible professional care, service and outcomes within the vision care. After their launch in 2011, their members have been working towards enhanced vision care for the nation.

The OCC was concerned about the public’s lack of awareness when it came to the role and value of a Licensed Optician. Their ultimate goal was to make their “Licensed Optician” brand trusted and well-known across Canada, a veritable industry leader if you will. As part of a multi-year plan, our challenge for this project was to create mass awareness of the Licensed Optician brand across Canada through voluntary engagements.

Creative Strategy

We utilized the Licensed Optician brand to “host” and create a five-week interactive multimedia trivia contest entitled “Love Your Eyes”, where we encouraged the public to participate in answering daily educational questions relating to vision care, eye health and Licensed Opticians for a chance to win one of five weekly prizes. Our strategy not only helped to educate the public on the value of Licensed Opticians, but we created a strategy that asked the public to opt-in, engage and continue to play.

Authentic Approach

We needed to develop an online contest that was not only worthy enough to command the attention of our audience, but educational enough to create a real impact. Using relatable questions, attractive imagery, and a seamless user experience with a low barrier of entry was just a part of the strategy to ensure we created a meaningful campaign for our target. Additionally, we utilized a proactive customer-first social strategy to engage the audience, similar to how Licensed Opticians approach their own work and provide further value to Canadians.

Proven Results

Within 35 days, we exceeded all rich and reach measurements (some as much as 10x!), and the campaign resulted in over 88,500 questions answered, over 150,000 web page views, and over 750,000 social media impressions. Overall, the Love Your Eyes achieved over 8,000,000 impressions as well as highly engaged users who answered an average of 15.8 questions during the contest. The campaign was awarded the Platinum Award at the international MarCom Awards competition, as well as a Finalist Certificate at The Global Awards.

Questions Answered
"In every realm of the campaign…My Loud Speaker’s team embodied a tireless approach that made sometimes very challenging work feel very positive and rewarding."
-The Steering Committee,
Opticians Council of Canada