Nexxcup’s concept was simple: high quality, instant organic coffee that could be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, with anyone. With their spanking new brand of coffee set to hit the market, it was important they get started with a caffeine-buzz and a splash. We were tasked with generating Nexccup brand equity to offer them some added strength before they reached out to the big gun decision makers at health-focused grocers.


It started with our strategy sessions. We sat down with their founders, Bryan and Ron, to talk about their business and why, oh why, they decided to dedicate their lives to everyone’s favourite morning pick-me-up. They noticed the coffee market was grossly missing one thing – instant organic options. With very few competitors in their lane, they saw an area of opportunity. However, there’s a specific type of person who chooses instant coffee.

After some research, we recognized Nexxcup’s product would appeal to the roaming traveller type, the kind of travel enthusiast that cares about choosing organic but ultimately needs convenience. A perfect pairing for Nexxcup’s unique offerings. We developed a strong key message that would resonate with their travelling tribe, “Along for the ride.” And developed a social strategy to capture their product in all types of environments where the closest Starbucks was nowhere in sight.

Aside from the strategy to give Nexxcup a clear sense of direction, a compass if you will, we wanted to get them launched in style. We teamed up with local influencers, Team Chomp, to throw an exclusive influencer event and invite some of the city’s notable instagrammers to join us for a party designed to be captured in photos. We filled the space with beautiful baked goods from gluten-free and organic focused bakeries to complement their brand. We also provided a custom and pre-set flat lay station to let the influencers design their own photo content.

There was also plenty of coffee to go around with an event hashtag emblazoned upon the wall. It was important that Bryan, the Nexxcup King, speak at the party and talk about their brand story and their passion for their product. Snacks and snaps were had by all, and it was one of our tastiest experiences to date.


We developed on strategic key message for the brand which would prove exceptionally valuable in terms of setting Nexxcup apart as they entered a competitive market. The influencer event was a great success with over 15 influencers in attendance of the launch event. Their digital influence, in conjunction with the awareness gained through our partnership with the megaminds behind Team Chomp, resulted in over 200,000 impressions through their Instagram content, and over 6,900 social engagements on Nexxcup’s instagram posts. Best of all, we all got to drink plenty of instant organic coffee, and we’re still coming down from the buzz.

Influencers in attendance of the launch event.
Social engagements on Nexxcup’s instagram posts.
Impressions through their Instagram content