With a limited budget, our team was tasked to support VIU’s marketing team and attract students to enroll at their University.


After developing a strategy to attract youth that veer away from the conventional career path, we developed a video to engage this student. We wanted to relieve pressure from this high school student and communicate that life isn’t as simple as picking a career, studying for it, and poof, you’re whatever profession you set out to be. Utilizing an innovative parallax effect and bold scriptwriting, our video presented an engaging and refreshing message; although society is built to put pressure on students at a young age to choose a career path, it’s actually okay – and very normal – to keep exploring.


When shared, the video was very well received, garnering over 350 likes and 111 shares on one Facebook post alone! Additionally, we promoted the video on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, which resulted in over 860,000 impressions and 99,000 video views.

CLIENT: Vancouver Island University