Lots of events spend the majority of their budget developing the event itself. Without marketing, your event is just an empty room falling short of its true potential.


Let’s raise a toast to all the events that inspired the public to see your brand in a new light. Cheers!

What is better than sitting face to face with your customers while being entertained or educated? If you’ve ever run an event or you know someone who has, you know there is a lot of work that happens behind the scenes. That perfect party may have gone off without a hitch, but it was a well executed series of logistics and marketing – and sometimes, there is some branding and video thrown in for good measure. The Globe and Mail reported that Canadian smartphone users spend eight hours of their spare time per day staring at their screens. More than half of Canada’s population owns an iPhone or Android. With those numbers, digital marketers are on the right track. So, why start event marketing now? In a world saturated with digital advertising, investing in event marketing can be a stand out means to differentiate your organization and give your audience an experience worth talking about.



We help design and develop the event idea. We also help with all your marketing needs for the event including branding, promotional collateral and vendor management for unique and specialized promotional areas of the event.

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