Our agency empowers you to create long-lasting relationships between your brand and your audience through stellar campaigns. We know your people - it’s time to mingle.


Audiences are seeking and expecting more from brands than ever before – and we get that.

My Loud Speaker can hone in on the substance that is going to resonate and connect your brand with the people you want to reach. We lead with creative strategy, and design a campaign that is authentic to your organization. Our marketing campaigns empower you to create genuine interactions between your organization and the outside world. It’s a stepping stone towards becoming an industry leader in your field. Promoting a brand is as difficult as it’s ever been; statistics show that 86% of people are skipping their television commercials, 44% of direct mail is never actually opened and 91% of people have unsubscribed from company emails they had previously opted into. Our promotional campaigns combine all the important elements of your organization and package them into a cohesive, integrated campaign message that attracts your audience and encourages them to interact with your brand in the way you intended. The most effective promotional campaigns provide value and authenticity to your audience, and the potential results when done right – and we do it right – are genuine interactions leading to the advocacy of your brand. Not to mention, the clients we’ve worked with have won prestigious awards with our marketing campaigns.



Promotional campaigns include the strategy and research elements to develop the concept. We carry it all the way through planning, development and execution. The elements vary depending on the Research and Planning phase.

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