Canadian Outback Adventures & Events is the leading team-building event and group activity producer in North America. Delivering exceptional adventure experiences, team-building events, corporate training and exciting entertainment solutions for the past 20 years. What had started as a small adventure company in 1992, quickly gained momentum; as their business grew they were able to offer more and more activities to their customers, including rafting trips for individuals, social groups and corporate teams. Through every step of their process, their team is dedicated to being there for their customers and providing them with a flawless and memorable experience.

Canadian Outback Adventures & Events was in need of a website – and they needed it quick, really quick. As they continued to grow, their main website was becoming overwhelmed with the diverse range of activities they offered their customers. They needed to create a separate website that was focused on their rafting adventures, with world class whitewater rafting available in BC, they needed to create a unique website focused on those specific activities while staying on brand and designed to complement the parent website.


Time was a major concern and the website had to be completed within a tight schedule. With this in mind, we had to choose the most efficient means to create a cool and relevant template website. Their parent website outlined a clear style guideline to work with, but we wanted to incorporate some extra value to the design. We organized and structured their content for an optimal user experience, as well as made their website more SEO friendly with the use of targeted keywords.


Aside from the initial website created for Canadian Outback Rafting, we developed different websites for their rafting adventures that were specifically targeted at different areas within the Lower Mainland, including Whistler, Vancouver and Squamish. In doing so, we were able to more effectively target their clients based on their location. By tailoring each page’s copy specifically to the city we were speaking to, we could create a voice that spoke directly to the end-user making a more personable user experience.


We created a website for Canadian Outback Adventures & Events in the tight timeline they had to work within. By creating location specific pages we were able to improve their SEO as well as lessen the strain on their main parent site. We restructured their content and utilized a keyword strategy to strengthen the websites and used their existing branding to keep it all consistent and complimentary to their parent website.


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