The College of Opticians of Alberta (COA) needed to create a series of educational videos around the topics of registration and work safety. With a widely varied audience of opticians ranging from young to old, and tech savvy to not, the COA needed a simple, and clear way to communicate an unexciting message.


With the need to communicate on mundane topics, we made it our goal to create videos that not only clearly spoke to the topics, but were interesting enough that the opticians would watch them till the end. Based off an upbeat script and minimalistic graphical style, we developed relevant and interesting videos that aligned with the COA’s brand.


Through a lot of strategy and creativity, we were able to create videos that were well received by both the client and audience alike. The videos were aesthetically beautiful whilst not compromising the message, and thus in the end, we were able to achieve our goal of creating videos that were not only relevant to the topic, but interesting enough to watch the full way through.


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