The B.C. Agricultural Research & Development Corporation (ARDCorp) leads innovation and delivers resources to improve the long-term prosperity of farmers and ranchers across the province. Their mission is grow B.C. into the most dynamic and robust agricultural province in Canada. Together with the BC Agricultural Council (BCAC), they are tasked with improving economic, environmental and social sustainability in their industry province wide.

Just a short time ago, ARDCorp and BCAC introduced the Cowpower program. This innovative program was a little on the technical side though. Cowpower was an anaerobic digester that converts manure from farms and converts it into renewable electricity (WOW!). So they wanted to create a strategic communications piece in the form of a video to explain their newly released Cowpower service. The video needed to explain the many benefits of Cowpower whilst being concise, understandable, and entertaining.


Partnered with our creative friends at Linetest Collective, we scripted, produced and developed a short and entertaining video explaining the major benefits of Cowpower using a mixture of live action and animation. A perfect blend of creativity and strategy had to be applied to create a video that was truly memorable and aligned with their end goals. We wanted to make sure that the major benefits of Cowpower were being communicated in the video, however the service was complex, and merely explaining how it all works would be far too extensive. By fusing live action footage with animation, we created a visually unique and interesting aesthetic that helped to explain the complex Cowpower service in a more interesting and digestible way.


We knew that Cowpower was such an innovative program with so many benefits for the public, it was worthy of a big splash. With environmental causes becoming more dire than ever before, and with the buzz words “Carbon Footprint” now looming around each corner, we recognized it was the perfect time to create value to their audience, and illustrate within the video how the public could reduce their own carbon footprint and work towards a greener, happier future. By engineering our concept backwards (uncovering the value the public would appreciate first, and then getting into the technical stuff on how Cowpower actually works) the results were simply mooooooooooving!


The Cowpower video, to this date, has received rave reviews at various conferences and is currently featured on every page of the Cowpower website. We were able to provide the B.C. Agriculture Research & Development Corporation with a video that could be used long-term to continuously educate their audience on Cowpower.

"The final product has far exceeded our expectations."
-Matt Dickson, Renewable Agri-energy Initiative Program Manager, ARDCorp
B.C. Agricultural Research & Development Corporation


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