With strategic marketing — company naming, unique branding, and a landing page designed for lead generation — we developed a foundation of success for a boutique law firm.


Lawyer, Gail Sharma, enlisted our agency with one simple goal in mind: help her generate leads and launch her new firm successfully.


We developed a professional and trustworthy brand identity paired with a strong value proposition. Our highly focused landing page utilized conversion-proven methods to accelerate the user’s buying process, and PPC keyword strategies to maximize the media budget.


We were able to generate an average of 50+ leads per month — an unprecedented success rate for a brand new business. This was achieved utilizing less than 20% of the original projected PPC budget, which resulted in $4.90 as the cost-per-acquisition.


  • Marketing Plan
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • PPC & Landing Page Design and Development
  • Print & Digital Collateral

per Acquisition
Leads Per Month
Under Original Projected Budget
"Smart people, great culture, future-oriented strategic planning!"
-Gail Sharma, Founder
GKS Law Firm
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