The Opticians Council of Canada (OCC) is an organization dedicated to ensuring Canadians get the best possible professional care, service and outcomes within the vision care. After their launch in 2011, their members have been working towards enhanced vision care for the nation.

The OCC wanted to educate Canadians on the role and value of a Licensed Optician by revitalizing a relatively unknown brand in the competitive eye care industry.


We wanted to develop an installation that encouraged voluntary participation, which meant avoiding “in-your-face” guerilla tactics. This was made all the more important as this was the brand’s inaugural promotional campaign, and it was vital that the public find value in it before lending their support. With all this in mind, we knew it was vital that we had to go beyond just engaging the public, but educating them more importantly to create long-term impacts.


We knew that we had to target the major decision makers when it comes to health for families – and oftentimes, it’s moms. If we could generate excitement and interest with mothers, it would organically be passed through their families if were able to execute a campaign unique and memorable enough to fuel some big time word of mouth. In several major malls across Canada, approximately 700 “Love Your Eyes” Care Packages were set up on location as a “projector screen”. Using their silhouettes, mall pedestrians participated in interactive videos that educated them on the role and value of Licensed Opticians. After participating, participants received a “Love Your Eyes” Care Package off of the projector screen which contained several items that helped them take care of their eyes.


Within just two weeks of the installation’s launch, the campaign surpassed all major measurement goals. In the end, over $250,000 worth of “Love Your Eyes” Care Package items were distributed at an average rate of 350 interactive video participants per day – with over two hour long lineups to participate! The Licensed Optician website received a daily traffic increase of 600%, with over 7600 online contest entries, and coverage on several international publications. The campaign won Gold at The Aster Awards under the category “Total Advertising Campaign”, as well as Bronze at The HMR Publications Awards under the category “Special Event”.

Interactive video participants per day
Increase in daily traffic
Online contest entries
"The [Licensed OpticianOM] brand received unprecedented exposure"
-The Steering Committee,
Opticians Council of Canada


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