The general public often associates Marpole with their drive over to Richmond, but we knew it was much more than that. Together with the MBIA, we created a marketing plan to help them establish a strong initiative their community could stand behind that was both scalable and powerful enough to draw crowds into their area. To strengthen their own authentic brand culture, our team also helped in elevating their branding with an updated look that is timeless and true to who they are.


To help to liven up their branding, we created a cohesive brand identity that would work across all their platforms. It had to be simple, express community and represent their values fully. We developed a hybrid of both classical and contemporary styles that bolstered Marpole’s history and would resonate with their residents. An eye-catching typeface, bold iconic colours and some creative craftsmanship, we created a logomark that had the power to unite.


With a bold and playful new look that reflected their most authentic self, Marpole’s branding was a great success. We included, for good measure, a tugboat as part of their logo. Its sleek design and subtle movement showcased an icon of their neighbourhood. Again, we found a powerful piece to promote their history, identity and ultimately the diverse people of their community who call it home.

"Once we started working with My Loud Speaker however, our people became engaged and enthusiastic about the possibilities, and were delighted with the outcome."
-Claudia Laroye, Executive Director
Marpole Business Association


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