With a multitude of sub-brands under its umbrella, Paragon Testing Enterprises was having extreme difficulty visually displaying their brand in a consistent manner. Because of all the sub-brands they maintained, the combinations between their parent brand and sub brands, as well as their sub-brands with other sub-brands, were seemingly endless, and thus, caused a huge array of inconsistencies in their branding. In addition, the brand architecture as a whole was up for debate. Thus, Paragon asked our team to provide their team with structure and consistency in their visuals form of detailed Branding Guidelines.


Our team started out by analyzing the different combinations of logos that Paragon had used in the past and for what purposes they were used for. Using this information, we were able to categorize all the different visual combinations necessary for any future instances whether it be for tradeshows or sponsorship. We concluded that it would be necessary to develop multiple guidelines to indicate rules regarding the sub-brands themselves as well as the parent brand with the sub-brands.


By the end of it all, we successfully teased out the correct architecture for all the brands, and how they should visually display when combined with one another in both a general and specific sense. We also finalized the typography rules and developed the proper colour palette system for both print and digital usage for all the visuals. Now, no matter the situation, Paragon can be confident that their brand will display consistently across all mediums.


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