Linda, formerly the Director of Research and Products at Coast Capital Savings, decided to pursue her own venture in the form of a consulting group, and asked our team to devise the name, brand and develop all the foundational materials to launch her business.


Building off Linda’s strong vision, we developed the unique name “ponderpickle” and an equally unique brand to pair it with. From there, we created bold foundational tools to mimic Linda’s robust professional identity and playful nature which embodied her authentic self.


Linda’s robust professional identity paired with her playful nature was a unique combination that, if communicated correctly, could resonate positively with her audience. We needed to infuse real intention behind her brand. We already knew that she thrived on “hard thinking work” and was energized by the activity of discovering answers behind muddled situations – and we were going to run with it. Thus, we ended up on the concept of “clarity behind the chaos”, with a touch of “playfulness”, “thoughtfulness”, and “professionalism”. This concept heavily influenced the logo; the “P” that is carved out behind the paint/crayon-like messiness illustrates the “clarity” that is found beyond the muddled “chaos”. Its texture is reminiscent of the idea of “play” and the activity involved in problem solving. Lastly, the typography of the word “ponderpickle” doesn’t utilize any capital letters – another aspect that “plays” (pun intended) to the nature of the brand.


The project resulted in an extremely strong and unique brand that resonated with many people who commented on its memorability and clarity. The name and the colours are unique and interesting, and they successfully encapsulate Linda’s personality. An example quote received after the brand was revealed: “What a great concept, very nicely introduced and I love your visual identity!” She’s been rocking her brand and her moniker since 2014.

"[My Loud Speaker] very much understood and embraced my company's values and aspirations, which then translated beautifully in the unique name, visual elements, and overall look,"
-Linda Young, Founder, ponderpickle


How to Define Strong Brand Vision

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