Since their inception in 1991, the Robson Street Business Association has been working on behalf of its 200 businesses and property owners to actively promote and enhance their iconic commercial shopping district. Robson Street has a longstanding reputation as Vancouver’s runway. However, over the past decade, the landscape of style has changed and new shopping districts in Vancouver have been drawing shoppers away from the outdoor shopping experience on Robson. Following the 2010 Winter Games, many stores closed their doors on Robson due to high rent prices, leaving vacant shops lining the street. We wanted to draw their target audience back to Robson Street to shop and experience them again as industry leaders. Their business association has a strong and hard working team, however a lot of their marketing efforts were one-off events, so it was imperative to create more consistency and cohesion across all of their platforms.


We developed a comprehensive Marketing Plan to ensure that all of Robson Street’s marketing initiatives worked towards the same vision, ‘where people come to indulge in style’. Our plan outlined clear goals to establish and project a strong style and culture and start to build this conversation around Robson and invite the community to join. Through research, strategy and marketing sessions between our agency and the Robson Street team, we were able to identify their bullseye target, develop a voice that would best resonate with their audience and created an actionable plan through each year of the marketing plan. By channeling all of their marketing initiatives to work with the marketing plan, we have enabled them to create buildable, memorable campaigns. We developed the Seasons Campaign, inviting digital style influencers to tell their story #onRobson, which was promoted through social platforms that redirected their audience to their blog. In doing so, we were able to create look at Robson, and ask the public to re-engage with Vancouver’s runway.


When we begin with a marketing plan, we lay a large focus on creating a clear vision and mission statement. In doing so, Robson Street always has a clear statement they are working towards. Robson Street needed to establish a clear style and culture in order to start rebuilding their community. We wanted to capitalize on their strengths of having an outdoor space, a wide variety of shop options and flagship stores. We developed their communications plan and devised an engaging social campaign for their social media platforms, with a unique hashtag #onRobson. With trackable measurements, we were able to create a campaign that not only looked amazing, but could easily show it’s worth.


Our marketing plan lead the way towards an exciting new campaign for Robson Street. See how we turned to social media to draw their audiences back to their stylish strip in Vancouver in their Social Media Campaign.



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