The XYBOOM Intergenerational Organization wanted to create a dialogue on intergenerational issues through a public event. We were asked to focus on a unique campaign to promote the inaugural event and the issues it was tackling.


We developed a highly integrated campaign to promote the event which included public relations, social media, web video, media buying, sponsor activations, and a public installation which all directed to a campaign website that we developed. Each piece was strategically promoted under the umbrella tagline that embodied the event’s authentic message: “Three Generations. One Future.”


We believed that the labour market issue that the XYBOOM Intergenerational Organization was promoting stemmed from a lack of communication between the generations. The open dialogue event was an opportunity for the generations to communicate with one another in a safe environment,. We knew that the media and the public viewed the issues as an important topic, and thus would be willing to engage with the creative event.


The inaugural event amassed over 23,000 website page views in just 4 weeks, as well as news coverage on over 20 different outlets – most notably CBC Radio, CKNW, and Canada News Centre. Ultimately, our efforts garnered us over 250 attendees to the event.


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