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As marketers ourselves, we know it’s near impossible to find a good agency blog. One that is insightful and practical without being overly self-serving would be refreshing for our industry. It’s not an easy feat for any agency, but we’re determined to get there.

Our promise is to continually improve this blog; and our only goal is to make it as valuable to you as possible. We’re going to try to do this by spending very little time writing company updates, and a lot of time writing on topics and concepts that are relevant to you as a marketer, business owner, or curious observer. Please drop us a line if you have suggestions on improving the blog, or if you want us to continue doing something you like.

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A little bit about us; we’re My Loud Speaker Marketing – a family run, values based, and award winning marketing agency based out of Vancouver, B.C. Some of our notable clients include CBC Television, BC Cancer Agency, University of British Columbia, and Vancouver Foundation.

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