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Meaningful Marketing isn't big,
but it hits hard.
We believe marketing no longer needs to be noisy or interruptive.
The most effective marketing gives back and inspires.


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"The Licensed OpticianOM brand experienced unprecedented exposure." -The Steering Committee, Opticians Council of Canada
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"It is with unabashed enthusiasm that I write this letter in support of [My Loud Speaker]. " -Tony Botelho, Manager, SFU Career Services
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"It was a great experience... [My Loud Speaker] was very responsive to my questions and comments and produced great work." -Jen Stuart, Manager at BC's Non-Profit Labour Market Partnership Project, Vancouver Foundation
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"[Their approach] didn't just fit in with our messaging - It also helped define it." -Brice Dare, Communications Coordinator, University of British Columbia
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"The final product has far exceeded our expectations." -Matt Dickson, Renewable Agri-energy Initiative Program Manager, ARDCorp
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"They executed an entire promotional campaign…right across the country" -Alden Habacon, Manager of Diversity Initiatives, CBC
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"The concept…was perfectly situated in the pocket of our target audience and, as a result, the campaign was overwhelmingly successful." -Debra Jacklin, Strategic Marketing Manager, Vancouver Island University
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"I was most impressed with their determination to see the project succeed not only our standards but theirs, which arguably was higher than ours." -Joji Kumagai, Executive Director, Strathcona Business Improvement Association


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