Understanding the 7 Key Components of A Strong Community

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Category: Community Marketing (Tribe Lab)

Technically, Community Marketing has been around for years. While most people would lump it together with Word-of-Mouth Marketing, we beg to differ. It does share similarities in that it’s an organic, authentic approach to creating community, however, Community Marketing focuses on long-term relationships with a group of individuals that share a similar passion, ultimately making Community Marketing more effective than Word-of-Mouth.

If you take a look at the industry’s history, Word-of-Mouth Marketing was the dawn of the marketing industry.  Unfortunately, the pendulum has swung very far in the opposite direction with noisy, interruptive ads vying for our attention. Naturally, audiences are doing whatever it takes not to have their lives bombarded by advertising hence the advent of ad blockers and programs that allow you to subscribe to opt out of ads (Spotify, online news outlets). As is only natural, the pendulum is swinging back, audiences are seeking out more authentic engagements.  

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