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We’ve been pals with the Strathcona Business Improvement Association for some time now. Maybe you remember our “Made in Strathcona” campaign. Our love for Strathcona is real and their business improvement association runs deep.

We could be bias. Heck, our very office is located right in the neighborhood. It’s easy to promote a community you’re a proud part of. As every day patrons of the community, it’s always a surprise that more people in greater Vancouver aren’t as familiar with Strathcona as we are. Especially considering all the unique offerings being doled out right outside our doors.

I mean, have you tried “Ask for Luigi’s” – damn!

This year, we changed direction. We wanted to encourage the public to come and discover the neighborhood, and become more familiar with all the stunning qualities that make Strathcona an exciting place to walk around and explore. With so many top-rated restaurants, independent businesses, and local artisans colouring the community – how could we fail.

With a buzzworthy campaign and vision “East Hastings will be the most walkable street by 2021,” we had a lot to prove. Read more about how it all turned out in our latest Case Study.

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