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Another Wednesday means another opportunity to find out what our team has been inspired by. This week, it was Aki’s turn to take centre stage and share what he considers ‘meaningful’.

Lights off, projector on, GO TIME.

Trisha Prabhu was only 14 years old when she took the stage for her very own TEDTalk. In 2013, she had come home to discover that a girl, even younger than Prabhu, had taken her own life due to cyberbullying. However, Prabhu didn’t just get upset about it – she decided to take action and really do something about it.

The ‘stop, block and tell’ method, commonly prescribed to end bullying online, simply wasn’t doing the trick. The great thing is, Prabhu is a teen herself so she easily picked up on why this method wasn’t effective – teens have a hard time telling others when they are being bullied whether on or offline. Her unique perspective is valuable because it stems directly from the demographic that is so deeply impacted by the modern wave of cyberbully culture. After hitting the books and doing some major research, Prabhu came up with a new alternative to combat cyberbullying.

Prabhu created a product: Rethink. The product, which garnered her a spot at the 2014 Google Science Fair, tunes into when an offensive or hurtful message is about to be posted and gives teens a pop-up – a little reminder that the words they’re about to send are hurtful, akin to ‘Are you sure you really want to send this?’ And Prabhu found that the majority of teens who received the pop-up rethought their actions and decided NOT to post it. Now, that’s amazing.

We adore a mind like Prabhu’s, one hell bent on innovating for positive impacts and creating solutions that solve big problems long-term. With a mind that bright, we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. Makes you think about what you were accomplishing at 14 years of age – the most I had accomplished was a full box of Kraft Dinner.

You go, Prabhu!

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