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Working in marketing is not for the faint of heart. Rather, it’s for gusto-ridden nose to the grindstone types like our web developer, Ian. Just a few days ago, the creative team was making friendly banter when the question was posed, “What would happen if Ian left us?” – the resounding answer was that the world would end.

With three graphic designers and one web developer, Ian is consistently glued to his monitor. From where I sit, he constantly looks like he is about to be absorbed into the matrix. I can’t wrap my mind around the work he does, but I know he does it well. But despite the fact he pulls mad hours in order to get so many cutting edge websites live for the World Wide Web, Ian still found the time to pull all the stops with his Meaningful Marketing share this week.

YouTube channel In a Nutshell, took a crack at summarizing Johann Hari’s best selling book ‘Chasing the Scream’ which challenges the common perceptions swirling around the issue of addiction. While it’s easy to watch the latest episode of ‘Intervention’ and assume all addiction stems from horrible misfortunes in a child’s younger years or falling subject to bad company – that’s just a gross simplification.

What really stands at the core of addiction then? The current methods in place designed to conquer the pandemic of addiction are, simply put, failing. With this being the case, one might argue we are looking at the problem all wrong. Sometimes, when you change the way you look at things – clarity happens.

All it took was some rats. Now, I may be bias because I love rats (no really, I do) – but whenever you’re looking to examine human behavior, look no further than cute worm-tailed vermin. Rats are commonly the main subjects in psychological and sociological experiments because their psychologies mirror that of our own. Shocking! So what happens when you offer them heroin?

When something isn’t working, maybe it’s time to change the way you’re looking at it. The war on drugs is raging on, but there are alternatives.

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