The Tech-Mex: Creating the Perfect Combination of Technology & Marketing

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Technology, for all of its benefits, has complicated the way we communicate. Between media, advertising and personal messages – the power of social media and the popularity of virtual lives have impacted all of them in some way.

One of the main ways that technology has affected communication is that it’s provided more platforms to communicate on. Instead of marketing a message through the traditional three platforms – radio, newspaper and television – now marketers have to subscribe to multiple platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are just a sample of new platforms that technology has provided. The problem is that maintaining the right marketing message on all platforms needed to reach the largest audience can dilute the resources available to create a meaningful message.

The Application Complication

There is no denying that apps have enhanced our lives. They’ve given us the ability to document moments, count calories and incessantly update our newsfeeds. But along with this, apps have increased the difficulty level for marketers to get the proper message to the masses.

Instead of spending time creating content that reflects their message, marketers now have to worry about being on trend with the latest technology, no matter how fleeting they can sometimes be. If the message isn’t being seen on the newest and latest, it’s almost as if it will never be heard at all, no matter how strong the content is.

The problem is perpetuated as more marketers shift their main objective to staying on trend rather than generating content. This reinforces the need for new technology to be heard rather than letting the content speak of itself. It’s a vicious cycle.

Content Curators

The way to cure this is simple – marketers have to refocus creating strong content and a meaningful marketing message, rather than trying to stay on top of the newest communication fad. This will shift the spotlight back to the content. Marketers shouldn’t fear having their message lost if it is not blasted onto every new communication channel. If they have a strong message, the Internet will ensure that it is heard. People will share it, tweet about it and link to it – making sure that the message reaches more people than the marketers could have done on their own.

Creating strong content isn’t hard, but it is time consuming. It takes original ideas, trial and error and many creative minds to curate a poignant and impactful message. The more time and resources marketers can spend on the content rather than the new technology, the better chance they have of creating genuinely good content.

Source: Youtube – Budweiser

No matter the amount of ease of new technology platforms, they will never replace good content. From Budweiser commercials to new podcasts, like Serial, if it’s relatable, intriguing and genuine, people will take time to listen to the message. So make sure to create a good one.

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