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Reposted from our December E-Newsletter

“Hi everyone,

My name is Matthew. Some of you personally know me very well, and some of you don’t, so I apologize in advance if you have little care for the content of this letter.

We, at My Loud Speaker, have been truly blessed. The people around us have shaped us into who we are and who we will become. They have been relentlessly helpful in taking time out of their busy schedules to aid us in our dream of building a new kind of agency – and for that, we are grateful beyond words.

We are a family-run agency that is fuelled by love, but for far too long we have been blind to our own hypocrisy. We have been saying for so long that we are different, that we are better, without any proof beyond results-oriented case studies. But the truth is, many agencies do good work with good results, but not many bring that extra oomph makes them truly matter. And we’re no different.

As some of you may know, we are going through a tough self-reflection process right now. This process will determine the direction of our rebrand which will launch in the new year. We have long searched for an honest identity – the one thing that truly made us stand tall above an industry of giants. And through that long search, we have come to this point – a point in which we were led back to you: the adviser, the follower, and the supporter. So, next year, and the years following, we are dedicating to you.

Friends, family, and those we have yet to meet, we promise you when we say this; we are looking forward to being better.

Enjoy your holidays, and drive safely!

Matthew, on behalf of the MLS team

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Matthew Tsang

Matthew Tsang serves as an Account Director and Principal at My Loud Speaker Marketing. As an ambassador of meaningful marketing, Matthew has worked on campaigns that have emphasized the importance of giving back in unconventional ways. A natural researcher with an entrepreneurial and creative flair, Matthew has discovered happiness in a career that is challenging both imaginatively and intellectually.

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