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We ask that you pull out your Number 2 pencil, and get ready for the test.

If you’ve had the pleasure of taking an English Proficiency Test in Canada – that assessment was likely brought to you by Paragon Testing Enterprises (PTE). Canada’s leader in English Language Testing dominates their niche (and we’re not referring to the ‘stressing students’ vertical). However, there was one piece of the puzzle they were missing: brand consistency.

Paragon Testing Enterprises has an assortment of sub-brands under their umbrella, and sub-brands of sub-brands. Maybe even more sub-brands under those sub-brands. It was a recipe for inconsistency and confusion.

They needed detailed branding architecture and guidelines to help keep all their sub-brands on track, on brand, and unmistakably their own. Honing the power of our Creative Team, we took to the Apple computers and developed a solution that would give them consistency across all mediums.

Oh the consistency of it all! Does consistent branding excite you – or is that just us?

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