Making Accounting Cool

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Working with DMCL Chartered Professional Accountants, one of Canada’s largest independent mid-size accounting firms.

While their competitors were winning market share and alluring new clientele, DMCL was suffering from a classic case of “Outdated”.

While they had all the industry knowledge, financial wit, and diverse accounting expertise, their branded materials and website were doing them no justice. With company websites the inarguable place to make a positive first impression, DMCL was falling flat.

This is when our agency cracked our knuckles, shined our shoes, and got to work. Through integrated services, we were tasked with enlivening their brand and developing the tools they needed in order to garner more leads, and a few head turns. They said they were ‘Progressive, modern, and smart’ – through web and graphic design, strategic copy, photography, and sweet, sweet patience, we were able to align how they saw themselves with how their audience sees them.

Take a look to see how we made accounting cool.

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