Dear Explorers: A Video to Take the Edge Off

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Post Secondary Education – do you miss it? The lockers, the sports teams, the unrequited crushes, and teachers that had the ability to inspire. Maybe not all of us look back fondly on those years, because no matter what your experience, high school is a tough time.

There is an expectation, in whispers to roars from classroom to hallway, that you need to know which direction you’re heading. By fifteen, the pressure begins to mount as more and more folk begin to ask “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It would be a piece of cake if that was a simple question, and as a young person – it can feel like you’re wearing the weight of the world on your shoulders when you just don’t have the answer.

If only more people could tell these stressed teens – you don’t need the answer just yet. You can keep exploring, without worry or fear. Our paths aren’t always linear – in fact, they rarely are.

Wait a second – isn’t that kind of exactly what we did for Vancouver Island University (VIU)? Yes, yes it is.

With their alternative programming and beautiful setting on the island, we wanted to help VIU be the institution to share the message that it’s okay to explore – and why not explore at Vancouver Island University?

Find out more in our latest case study.

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