Instant Organic Coffee Makes it’s Debut Splash

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Ok, real talk: who doesn’t like coffee? We get the feeling people who don’t like coffee are just about as mythical as a pink unicorn. Coffee is the premier choice early morning kickstarter that helps the lives of millions, ourselves included. But the hot bean water is everywhere: the super market, at every one of the zillions of coffee shops available, it’s in your kitchen, your office, it’s pouring in from all sides!

Enter, Nexxcup. They’re a new brand of coffee making their way to market… with a twist. Nexxcup is one of the select few companies offering instant coffee that is also – dramatic pause – organic. For those who value choosing organic and going the ethical route when selecting their beans, Nexxcup makes choosing organic easy, accessible, and a perfect choice for adventurers who are always on the go.

It was up to us to help get Nexxcup started on the right foot, and launch them in the right direction. Starting with a marketing strategy and ending with an exclusive influencer launch party, we wanted to make sure the Nexxcup boys had a successful launch that would get the internet buzzing with impressions.

Did we do it? Did we? Find out in our latest Case Study.

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