[New Webinar] How To Write A Marketing Plan That Maximizes ROI

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Not getting enough clients or leads? You may be missing a strategic marketing plan. Join us as we review the importance of a marketing plan for organizations both big & small, and dive into the key components every business should include.

March 24, 2016 • 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM

Tammy Tsang, CEO & Founder
My Loud Speaker Marketing


This webinar is for you, if:

  • You are not getting enough clients or leads
  • Your organization has hit a plateau and needs to improve marketing
  • Competitors have updated marketing materials (website, social, etc) that make yours look outdated and irrelevant
  • You are starting in a new place and need to gain exposure again but don’t know how

Putting together a strategic marketing plan is not only the first thing, but the most important thing an organization can do before executing any sort of marketing activities.

Without a plan, you might experience:

  • Endless brainstorm sessions
  • Wasted marketing dollars
  • Lack of consistent messaging and design

Surprisingly, many companies don’t have a solid strategic marketing plan on paper, which makes it difficult to guide the direction of their brand.

You will learn: 

  • How to write a marketing plan
  • What are the key components every marketing plan should have
  • How to acheive success with your marketing plan
  • Effective marketing strategies to execute your marketing plan

COST: $15.00 + tax

Learn more about this webinar: How To Write A Marketing Plan That Maximizes ROI

Hosted in partnership with the BBB. 
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If you want to learn more about specific key elements of an effective marketing plan, read our 50+ page booklet on How to Write A Strategic Marketing Plan That Yields ROI – complete with explanations

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