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Whenever I’m creating something that I feel is significant, I often get that tingly feeling inside. It’s a pendulum-like balance between fear and excitement and although it’s disconcerting, it belongs in my creation process.

If I ever feel completely safe in this process, then I know what I’m coming up with is merely a replication. It means there are already too many examples in existence and others have already accepted and understood it. But when I’m creating in fear, then I know I’m the setting the example for the replicators. My work will be the thing that defines what is “okay” for everyone else.

Create in fear and make overcoming the fear a habit. Don’t stop. Leap and set the standard.

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Matthew Tsang

Matthew Tsang serves as an Account Director and Principal at My Loud Speaker Marketing. As an ambassador of meaningful marketing, Matthew has worked on campaigns that have emphasized the importance of giving back in unconventional ways. A natural researcher with an entrepreneurial and creative flair, Matthew has discovered happiness in a career that is challenging both imaginatively and intellectually.

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