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If I were to throw 10 tennis balls at you at the same time, how many would you catch?

You’d be lucky to catch one. On the other hand, if I only threw one tennis ball at you, you’re most likely going to catch it. Marketing works in the exact same way.

Too often, marketers try to cram multiple messages into one ad in an attempt to get the most out of it. However, what they’re really doing is diluting all their messages and confusing their customers.

You only get one tennis ball. Make the throw accurate and your customer will get the message.

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Tammy Tsang

Tammy Tsang is the Founder of My Loud Speaker Marketing, which has been providing successful campaigns to major clients for over six years. Her company has attained glowing recommendations from prestigious organizations such as the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, University of British Columbia, BC Cancer Agency, and more. She is also the founder of XYBOOM Intergenerational Organization, which runs an annual conference on topics surrounding intergenerational relationships in the workplace.

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