Seeking 26-34 Year-Old Females for Upcoming Focus Group

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Our agency is on the hunt for awesome women to take part in our upcoming focus group. If you fit the profile, this is a unique opportunity to make your mark on a national brand. Not to mention, we’re offering a $50 honorarium for participating candidates. We want to pick your brain – are you game?

Ok, first of all, does this sound like you?


  • Female
  • 26 – 34 years old
  • Employed
  • Someone who has bought at least one pair of sunglasses, prescription glasses or contact lenses in the past 2 years or you’re planning to buy some in the next year


  • Recently married or getting married in the next year, no kids
  • Live or will be living in an apartment in the Lower Mainland
  • Living in Canada, and have been for a long time – or born here


  • Outgoing and you have a great circle of friends
  • Into shopping and dining out
  • Well travelled and / or work out regularly
  • Sporting glasses that are fashionable and good quality
  • Shopping at different optical retailers, and you may be looking for a new store or just switched to a new one.

Does this sound like you? Great — we would definitely like to speak with you.

Interviews will take place on Wednesday, October 5 and Thursday, October 6, 2016. Each interview will be two-on-one, and will take approximately 45 minutes, and will be scheduled between 3PM and 7PM. Last time slot will be at 6PM.

Contact us at [email protected]

Faye Alexander

Faye Alexander loves to type, scribble and scrawl because words are her favourite play things. As an editor, writer and social media professional, she brought her skill-set to the evolving world of Marketing. She has a passion for inciting meaningful dialogue through crafted content and opening doors to two-way conversations. Some of her favourite words include, but are not limited to: feminism, effervescent, spoon and malarchy.

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