Is Your Marketing Selfish? How To Avoid Annoying Marketing Behavior

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You and your target audience are exposed to an average of 2,000 to 5,000 advertisements per day. You may be thinking “there’s no way I see that many ads every day”, and you may be right. Because you, like a majority of consumers, have learned to tune most of it out.

Marketing has changed. Brands can’t just buy their way to marketing supremacy anymore. There are too many platforms and an unlimited amount of content that is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Consumers will find what they want, because they can.

If your marketing is selfish, it will get lost among the thousands of other selfish messages. Make your marketing a two-way relationship and you’ll stand out like a sore thumb – the good kind.


1. Provide value in everything you share with the goal of making your audience feel something. Make them smile, laugh, think, or even cry.

2. Provide value consistently. Your audience will only come back if they expect you to continue giving them something.

3. The synergy between a marketing message that your audience “has to see” and “wants to see” is ideal(istic). If you have to choose one, choose the latter.

4. I’d rather have 1 fresh banana, than 10 browning bananas. This applies to marketing as well.

5. Exaggeration is outdated. Ridiculousness done right can work. But being honest never fails.

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Matthew Tsang

Matthew Tsang serves as an Account Director and Principal at My Loud Speaker Marketing. As an ambassador of meaningful marketing, Matthew has worked on campaigns that have emphasized the importance of giving back in unconventional ways. A natural researcher with an entrepreneurial and creative flair, Matthew has discovered happiness in a career that is challenging both imaginatively and intellectually.

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