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We believe marketing no longer needs to be noisy or interruptive. The most effective marketing gives back and inspires.”


Media and brands play a large part in raising ourselves and our children, and their social impact continues to grow each day. Review sites, blogs and social media have helped level the odds a bit by providing platforms for two-way conversations, however, those same mediums have also allowed brands to become even more integrated into our every day lifestyles. And as brands become more immersed into our everyday lives, we all begin to demand and expect more value from these brands.

We are more loyal to brands that adopt more socially conscious and values-based approaches. And we feel more connected to brands that provide real value to us through superior products or experiences. It all sounds so simple, however, for brands that have an outdated view of marketing, this shift in consumer desire can be quite daunting on them; having to make substantial business decisions that shake up the status quo in hopes of only possibly winning more market share. Even more difficult is adopting these changes whilst seeming genuine to the public eye in the process.

…as brands become more immersed into our everyday lives, we all begin to demand and expect more value from these brands…

This desire for socially conscious and values-based brands, paired with increased two-way conversations between brands and customers, have given more opportunities for small, local organizations to grow internationally. Organizations like Mountain Equipment Co-op, Lululemon, and TOMS have all grown from a small tribe of followers who identified with the brand’s core values. Initially, these followers merely supported the brand, but eventually, they began vouching for it. These organizations built a tribe of brand ambassadors by merely sticking to, and communicating their core values.

Gone are the days where effective marketing is dominated by one-way, noisy, interruptive, and flashy advertising. Celebrity support can only push a brand so far, and an advertising medium is nothing without a meaningful message. And herein lies our belief; the most effective marketing requires brands to have authentic, meaningful engagements with their audience. Engagements that provide value, give back, and even inspire. The general public is too smart, too busy, and too inundated with other brand messages to care for anything else. Meaningful marketing begins with communicating a brand’s core values, and ends with a tribe of ambassadors that not only seek and expect meaningful engagements from the brand, but openly support them too.

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Tammy Tsang

Tammy Tsang is the Founder of My Loud Speaker Marketing, which has been providing successful campaigns to major clients for over six years. Her company has attained glowing recommendations from prestigious organizations such as the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, University of British Columbia, BC Cancer Agency, and more. She is also the founder of XYBOOM Intergenerational Organization, which runs an annual conference on topics surrounding intergenerational relationships in the workplace.

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