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How you can captivate the next generation without raising your voice.

Marketing is forever evolving along with our species, much like a thinking ape. As the Millennials are beginning to take over the market, you have to keep in mind the way that your audience is absorbing your message is changing.

Nowadays, people are forever in motion with their eyes directly on their smartphones, tablets and their thumbs are furiously flipping through the endless amount of instant content that is crashing in at all sides. You don’t have to sit through commercials anymore, we now have PVR – and even if a commercial is on, what is to stop us from turning our attention to our phones and checking out something else or playing another rousing round of Angry Birds?

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Marketing Therapy: Avoiding an Identity Crisis

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You may not have realized it, but regardless of the size of your business, a marketing plan – especially one fuelled by meaning – is kind of a big deal. Without one, it’s easy for a business to start suffering from an identity crisis.

Take Microsoft for example. They’re a large – nay – huge business, and yet they’re suffering from this exact problem. It might be surprising that a mogul like Microsoft is suffering from an identity crisis – but think about it, what do you really think of when you think Microsoft? The more you think about it, the more the cracks seem to show.

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Which Type of Website is Best for Your Business?

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A website is important for every business, but you may be wondering what kind of website is right for your business in particular. You have a few different options, ranging from e-commerce sites with many features to simple informational sites. Below, you’ll find information to help you choose the right kind of website for your business.

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An In-Depth Guidebook | “Building A Tribe of Ambassadors for Your Brand”

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Almost every organization wants their customers to openly advocate their brand. They want them to be gleefully sharing their products and services on social media – telling their friends that they “must buy brand XX because…”. They want them to be writing insightful blog posts and in-depth articles about why brand XX is better than all their competitors. Some even want them scribbling down stories in their journals about how brand XX helped shape their childhood.

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Our Manifesto

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We believe marketing no longer needs to be noisy or interruptive. The most effective marketing gives back and inspires.”

Media and brands play a large part in raising ourselves and our children, and their social impact continues to grow each day. Review sites, blogs and social media have helped level the odds a bit by providing platforms for two-way conversations, however, those same mediums have also allowed brands to become even more integrated into our every day lifestyles. And as brands become more immersed into our everyday lives, we all begin to demand and expect more value from these brands.

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The Beautiful Irony of a Bullseye Target

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Before we jump in, a quick marketing 101 lesson; the idea of having a “bullseye target” in marketing is to single in on one type of person with specific demographic and psychographic details so that you can focus all your marketing resources and attention on him or her. If this is the first time you’ve heard of this concept, it might sound a little ridiculous, and wasteful. I get it. The concept of funnelling all your marketing budget and resources into one single specific type of person seems ludicrous when you can just as easily spread out those resources and appeal to everyone.

The problem is, when you do the latter, you dilute your budget, resources, and worst of all, your message.

There is a cacophony of brands and advertisements bombarding our eyes and minds every day, and as consumers it’s not unusual to see thousands upon thousands each day. So, how does pin-pointing one type of person for your marketing efforts help your brand to stand out and attract more customers and clients?

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5 Ways To (Re)Evaluate and Improve Your Marketing Plan

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The first time you write your marketing plan, it’s an inspiring process. You’ve laid out this well-thought-out strategic roadmap that will lead you to business success, and you can’t wait to implement it. In some senses, you expect it to be a cakewalk. However, after a year, or maybe even just six months, you find yourself so focused on just “doing” things, that you forget all about the clear, strategic plan that you had initially laid out. You’re focusing more on keeping your head above water with things like “managing” social media accounts and you forget all about how to utilize them to your benefit – just like you had laid out in the marketing plan.

This happens to marketers everywhere, and if this sounds like you, it’s time to evaluate (and/or re-evaluate) your marketing plan. Here are 5 tips on how to get started:

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