5 Things All Marketing Agency Clients Should Know

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As I write this, I realize that I’ve been co-running this agency with Tammy for over six years now. It doesn’t seem that long at all, and to be honest, I think that’s because we’ve been lucky. I can truthfully say that about 99% of our clients have been great – some of whom have even become our close friends.

With a necessity to work with a wide variety of personalities and individuals with various job titles, it’s become important for us to whittle down not only how we can foster a great relationship with our clients, but how clients can help improve it as well. Here is what I believe to be a very concise list to help clients get prepared to work with an agency like ours.

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How-to Write a Strategic Marketing Plan That Yields ROI

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How-to Write a Strategic Marketing Plan that Yields ROI • Part 1 of 9

What is a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is a comprehensive framework that outlines your annual marketing efforts.  It outlines the results of research and dives into the strategy and goals derived from the analysis.  It is a working document that should establish your long term goals and the short term goals that help you achieve them.

The goal of the plan isn’t to kill the creativity, but rather provide the scope and groundwork that you can measure your concepts against. You can use it to keep you and your team accountable and focused on your end goals.

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57 Handy Stats for Non-Profit Marketers for 2016

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I’ve thrown together 57 handy stats for non-profit marketers to provide some fresh insight into donations, charitable giving, fundraising and non-profit marketing strategies for 2016! Take a gander, enjoy!

These stats will cover:

  1. The major  trends in donations, charitable giving and fundraising (See stats 1 – 8)
  2. A good day and time to promote your donations, charitable giving and fundraising (See stats 9 – 13)
  3. Payment method usage  (See stats 14 – 21)
  4. Donations, charitable giving and fundraising broken down by generations, such as, Baby Boomers and Gen Xers (See stats 22 – 35)
  5. Promotional strategies for non-profit marketing (See stats 36 – 57)

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How-to Slay Social Media Analysis, A Look at 2015-2016

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How do you monitor and analyze your Social Media Campaigns? You probably check in on your posts’ reach or clicks, likes, retweets, shares or new followers. And sure, those are good indicators to evaluate your social campaigns…

However, are those posts valuable to your website or blog? When you think about it, do your posts on social media really drive valuable traffic, such as new and non-bounce users to your website? Did those users take the actions you intended them to?

If you use your social media to bring new users to your website, you should know how many of those new and non-bounce users came to your website through that channel. As a heads up, clicks on your social media might be from the same people, and it doesn’t guarantee they’ll be exploring your website. So, how can you know what it is you need to know?

The answer is Google Analytics. With this trusty tool in your back pocket, you can even see what time and which day of the week you should be posting on social media to acquire more traffic from your chosen social media platform. Even I, an SEO specialist, am well aware of the importance of timing a post on social media.

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The Importance of Long Tail Keywords in an SEO Strategy

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“What is a long tail keyword?”

Long tail keywords are generally defined as ‘descriptive terms which are more than 2-3 words’ – but I would define them in low search volume terms. Based on my experience, long tail keywords account for 70 – 90% of all organic traffic, and the more traffic you get from long tail keywords the more stable your organic traffic will be.

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40 Amazing Higher ED Marketing Stats for 2016

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Category: Marketing Strategies & Tips

I’ve put together 40 amazing Higher Education Marketing stats from 2014 and 2015 since it’s so hard to find these stats online. I hope this helps you out, higher education marketers, enjoy!

These stats cover:

  1. How Students Choose a University or College
  2. Higher Education Marketing Strategies Being Used Today
  3. Web-Site Content
  4. Mobile Device Usage
  5. Social Media Device Usage

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The Key To Killer SEO Keyword Practices For Business Blogs

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Category: Basic SEO Marketing Strategies & Tips

If you’re a business — small or large — with a website, congrats, you’ve upped your chances of getting your company a visit, a phone call, or a new client. Prospective clients should be able to reach you through the good old interweb, as anyone with a smartphone (2.6 billion people worldwide) knows a website is the new business card.

So, yeah, you can go ahead and recycle that rectangular piece of cardstock.

A website, however, does so much more than a traditional business card. It’s not just a “let’s keep in touch” memento. While you’re establishing embassies through social media and online blog content, your website is the nation it all refers back to. And the way to get traffic through your embassies (in Internet speak: referrers) is to make sure your SEO (search engine optimization) marks the path to your site.

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“You Are Awesome” Referral Program

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Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing people.  We have formed true partnerships and friendships with many of our clients.  The majority of you, our clients, have continued to come back and work with us, and we can’t thank you enough for the love and support.  To thank you all, and to continue to pursue similar partnerships with like-minded individuals, we’ve developed a referral program as a big thank you to our community.

We’ll be providing the referrer as well as the referred 2% off any of our services.

From now on, anyone who has worked with us, or supported us, over the years who refer us will qualify for this program.  Thank again for all your continued support! Please fill out our Contact Form to join our referral program!


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