How To Build A Tribe of Followers


A couple of weeks ago, I saw Seth Godin speak at the well-known Art of Marketing event in Vancouver. During his talk, he reinforced what was said in his book: Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us. The talk got me thinking about some work we did for a client last year, Vancouver Island University (to save me some time typing, I’ll refer to them as VIU from now on).

The campaign targeted the local community, and the overarching goal was to increase the overall brand equity for the University. After some deliberation, we pursued the idea of building a following (we didn’t call it a tribe yet) from their target demographic – students. However, we didn’t just focus on the general student population, we defined the values and benefits that the University provided, and gave students who were like VIU the opportunity to join the brand, not just choose it.

Below are some key facets in building a tribe for your own organization:

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How to Improve Your Organization’s Communications

The website we developed for the client:
A website we developed for College of Opticians of Alberta:

Recently, we worked with the College of Opticians of Alberta and the College of Opticians of British Columbia to improve their communication activities with their members. It’s an important, but tricky game; you have to be empathetic to your audience in order to ensure they are actually processing the content you’re delivering. Otherwise, you’re merely forgotten among a hundred other messages they’re receiving on a daily basis.

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Lessons from Seth Godin at Art of Marketing 2014


A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend the popular Art of Marketing event. There was a great lineup of speakers, but I was especially excited to listen to insightful Seth Godin. And he didn’t disappoint. Below are some of the key points he laid out for the Vancouver audience.

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Why & How Brands Should Appeal to all Generations

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Why is it important to have intergenerational appeal?

There’s been a common trend of transitioning from mass to niche marketing tactics – specifically targeting age groups (just try googling “Gen Y Marketing” and witness the plethora of results). Niche marketing is a great way to bite off a larger piece of the pie when you have strong competitors in a market, but the ideal strategy for long-term growth is a little more complicated than that. You have to “niche” without segregating other demographics – you have to find a message that resonates to the core of your target demo, without alienating others. The key is having marketing with intergenerational appeal.

Here are some key benefits and points of marketing with intergenerational appeal:

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Top 5 Ad Campaigns from Alcoholic Beverages

St. Patricks Day Slider

Ha-ware-ya fellow reader? It’s a great day because it’s Saint Patrick’s Day! So tell us, what do ye think about our countdown of the top 5 ad campaigns from alcoholic beverages? Okay, okay, you’re right, let’s put the kibosh on this Irish accent and let this countdown begin!

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Tammy Speaks on Generational Stereotypes

BCHRMA and IABC recently joined forces to produce a Pecha-Kucha-esque event called “HR & Communications: Two Sides of the Same Coin”.

Various speakers were featured to provide their thoughts on the inevitable and complex link between Human Resources and Communications. Tammy was one of the individuals invited to speak, and we’ve recorded the 8 minute presentation below. Enjoy!

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How Do Brands Stay Relevant to New Generations?


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We’re seeing it everywhere; brands that embody traces of our tradition and history are disappearing because they can’t seem to get the new generations engaged with them.  ”New” is taking over “old” and even though it isn’t anyone’s outright desire for tradition and history to disappear, they do because they haven’t figured out how to stay relevant.

If only, if only, if only we could get the right people engaged again.

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Top 5 Takeaways from BCAMA’s Digital Speaker’s Event

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A couple of weeks ago, Ana and I went to the BCAMA’s Digital Agency Panel Speaker’s Event. The event was a Pecha Kucha format followed by a panel discussion. There were about 6 speakers with only about 10 minutes each, but a lot of big ideas were thrown around in a very short period of time.

Here are our top 5 takeaways from the digital-centered event:

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Thought of the Day | “Are Your Customers Pleading for a Discount?”


If your customers are pleading for a discount, it’s usually a good thing. It means they want your product or service. They might not necessarily value it the same way you do, but the desire is there. However, if you’re tempted to provide discounts to appease them, don’t. Resist the temptation.

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